18” Chain by Doug Magnus
20” Chain by Doug Magnus
20” Chain by Doug Magnus
20” Chain by Doug Magnus
20” Chain by Doug Magnus
24” Chain by Doug Magnus
24” Chain by Doug Magnus
60s Pop Ring by Doug Magnus
Agate Round Ring by Doug Magnus
Alfresco Necklace by Doug Magnus
All Points Pin by Doug Magnus
Amor Disk Pendant by Doug Magnus
Doug Magnus
β€œCountless craftsman have worked Cerrillos turquoise from Turquoise Hill for a thousand years, and I am the last of that long line.” –Doug Magnus

The past and present coalesce in Doug Magnus’s eclectic jewelry. A man of many passions, his interest in nature and world cultures inspire his distinctive jewelry designs. Masterfully crafted using silver, gold, and precious and semi-precious gemstones, his jewelry collections combine contemporary references, Latin motifs and ancient cosmic and natural symbols. His most recent museum-quality collection embraces a variety of design styles using 18-karat gold and the rare and unique Cerrillos turquoise sourced from his historic mines near Santa Fe.

Mostly self-taught, Magnus mastered a variety of techniques for metalworking and lapidary gemstone cutting. His early visits to the ancient turquoise mines near Santa Fe were instrumental in his learning the art of stone cutting. Today, his interest in the mines goes beyond the intense, clear blue beauty of the gemstone - he owns three of the fabled Cerrillos mines that have produced some of the most spectacular and historically significant turquoise found in the U.S. β€œI want to be assured that the mines will always be available for historical, archaeological, and mineralogical study,” Magnus offered.