1830 Sioux Storage Bag by Chuck Sabatino
1880-90 Acoma by Chuck Sabatino
1900 Az Kachina by Chuck Sabatino
1910 Zia Jar by Chuck Sabatino
Elk Skin Beaded Bag by Chuck Sabatino
Hopi Late 1800s Palhik Mana by Chuck Sabatino
Navy Colt by Chuck Sabatino
Pima by Chuck Sabatino
Remingtonâs Mountain Man by Chuck Sabatino
Chuck Sabatino
“I don’t want my work to be photo-realism. I always want people to see my hand in it,” Sabatino reflects. “But I always want it to be better.” –Chuck Sabatino

New York-born fine artist Chuck Sabatino’s canvases depict interesting subjects with light and shadow dancing among three or four clay pots or flower arrangements. He also creates paintings featuring a single pot, in a manner allowing us to focus directly and for a longer period of time.

Following a successful 25-year career as an art director, advertising executive, and TV producer in New York, Chuck relocated west and turned his focus to painting.

His love for his subject was instilled from childhood memories of time spent at New York City’s Museum of the North American Indian. He was enthralled with the artifacts he saw and imagining the life that went with them. Now Sabatino paints from his personal collection of pottery from pueblos of New Mexico and Arizona and other artifacts. Sabatino’s use of a warm palette of amber, gold and browns generates a sense of timelessness.