Art Consulting

Developing an art collection is an exciting, personal, and extensive process. If you are decorating a new home or simply looking for a change, let us help select, procure, and commission great works of art for your home or office. With more than twenty years of experience, owner Shanan Campbell Wells specializes in creating unique, tasteful and personalized environments through art. She will work with you to determine your artistic tastes and needs to acquire an art collection that is distinctively and ultimately you. With an extensive list of artists at her fingertips, Shanan can source the perfect artist for your home or office.

Whether you are looking for that one, special piece of art or you are developing an entire collection, Shanan can work with you or your interior designer to create the perfect space in your home or office. She has personally advised and managed the art collections of beautiful homes across the United States, scouted art for the Franklin Mint, and developed exhibits for the Smithsonian Institution.

SCW Art Consulting services include:

  • Art Selection/Procurement
  • Aesthetic Consulting
  • Budget Planning
  • Restoration
  • Commissions
  • Sculpture Gardens
  • Long-Term Maintenance
  • Framing


Art Installation

Sorrel Sky Gallery offers professional art installation for your home or office. We have experience installing paintings, photographs, textiles, and three-dimensional wall art and sculpture in a variety of environments. Our installers are skilled professionals who follow specific guidelines for proper installation of each type of art. We focus on aesthetics and details of placement, while incorporating safety and security of your artwork.

After first meeting with you, we arrive fully prepared to install large or heavy artwork in hard to reach spaces or unusual surfaces.

We approach every installation with an eye for detail creating the perfect harmony of height, distance and balance. Working with colors, sizes, and textures is all part of the installation process. With the right tools and technical skills, we work efficiently, neatly, and accurately with a constant eye on the safe handling of your artwork.

Our goal is to work with you to enhance your living or work environment with proper placement and installation of your artwork.


  • Home and Commercial Art Installation
  • Art Delivery and Transport

Art Installation Rates:

  • $65/ hour (including travel time)

*All hardware is included unless specialty system or equipment is required.


Artwork Evaluation

Sorrel Sky Gallery offers a variety of appraisal and evaluation services for private and corporate art collections. Call Shanan at 970-247-3555 for more information.