Dean Carrier

Finding the hidden beauty in natural objects is second nature to Dean Carrier. His carefully turned hollow vessels reflect his lifetime love of nature and an innate perception of what beauty may be hidden beneath that seemingly worthless tangle of roots and wood that has washed up on the beach, or lies covered with fallen leaves and debris on the forest floor.

A native Californian and a professional wildlife biologist, he displays the intricacies of the natural world through his turned vessels. His source of wood is primarily found in roots and burls of dead wood located in the Sierra Foothills or the northern California forests and coastal beaches.

More recently Dean has begun to use a variety of western North American woods, preferring specimens with natural cracks, crevices, and bark inclusions. Crafting hollow forms from these distressed woods, he often inlays minerals and semi-precious stones for accent and diversity, striving to emphasize the natural random grain and faulting. Finishing is a laborious application of oils and fine wax.