A Bit Of Shade by Gerald Balciar
A New Beginning by Gerald Balciar
Above All by Gerald Balciar
Above All by Gerald Balciar
Alpine Pikas by Gerald Balciar
Arrogance by Gerald Balciar
Bachelor Pad by Gerald Balciar
Beaver Lodge by Gerald Balciar
Bob White by Gerald Balciar
Break Free by Gerald Balciar
Breakin' Out by Gerald Balciar
Burst Of Spring by Gerald Balciar
Gerald Balciar
“I love all animals - their shapes, color and movement. I want to portray them as I see them using stone or bronze.” –Gerald Balciar

Gerald Balciar is interested in conveying a feeling or mood in a sculpture rather than creating an exact replica of his subject. His art is noted for its readily identifiable artistic style, which is grounded in an in-depth knowledge of animals. Many of his references come from his extensive library of wildlife material.

Balciar’s hands are involved in his sculptures during the entire creative and technical process. He sculpts his original works in clay or wax and makes the molds himself. After the foundry casts the bronze sculpture, Balciar continues to work it by grinding and welding and finally, finishing with a surface application of patina.

His largest bronze to date, a 16’ moose, is displayed in Mooseheart, Illinois. Canyon Princess, a 16,000 pound cougar carved from a single piece of marble, is on permanent display at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum.

Gerald Balciar is a member of National Academy of Western Art, the Society of Animal Artists, and the Allied Artists of America. He lives in Parker, Colorado