Harvest by Pablita Abeyta
The Offering by Pablita Abeyta
Water Maiden by Pablita Abeyta
Yei Bi Chei I by Pablita Abeyta
“Nourishment” by Pablita Abeyta
Pablita Abeyta
“Pablita is an amazing woman and artist. Her work flows from an authentic gift and from her belief in women as healers and visionaries. She is an inspiration to me.” –Shanan Campbell Wells, owner, Sorrel Sky Gallery

A proud example of her culture today, sculpture artist Pablita Abeyta has created memorable and sensuous clay figurines that capture the timeless spirit of Navajo life. Traditional in her use of hand-coiled clay, Pablita also incorporates free-form clay slabs in creating pheasant feather motifs. A self-taught artist, Pablita continues to receive awards nationally for many of her perceptive pieces, some of which appear in the permanent collection of the National Museum of the American Indian and the National Museums of American History in Washington, D.C.

Ta-Nez-Bah is Pablita’s Navajo name, which translates to “one who completes a circle.” Pablita's sculptures are typically smooth, round and sensuous. A complete circle often comes to mind, in viewing her depiction of feathered masks–sculptures that emulate super-human deities–but also in the life-circle suggested between interconnected figurines.