Animas Valley by Laura Bruzzese
Aspen Vase (Large) by Laura Bruzzese
Aspen Vase (Medium) by Laura Bruzzese
Aztec, New Mexico by Laura Bruzzese
Bird And Flower Vase by Laura Bruzzese
Blue Iris Vase by Laura Bruzzese
Bright Red Poppies Vase by Laura Bruzzese
Cherry Blossom Vase by Laura Bruzzese
Colorado Summer by Laura Bruzzese
Fancy Fish Vase by Laura Bruzzese
Galaxy Vase by Laura Bruzzese
Lotus Vase by Laura Bruzzese
Laura Bruzzese
“I really like the unpredictable aspect of clay. That’s what keeps it interesting. Art is also a great way to connect with people.” –Laura Bruzzese

Laura Bruzzese uses her training as a painter combined with her love for the earth to craft her nature-inspired ceramic vessels. Using the potter’s wheel and porcelain clay, she “throws” vessels by hand, paints their surfaces with botanical and landscape imagery using underglazes and “fires” the vessels in an electric kiln. When time allows, she also participates in a four-week firing of a large, wood-burning (anagama) kiln built into a hillside outside of Madrid, NM with other ceramic artists.

Bruzzese earned a BFA from the Art Institute of Chicago with an emphasis in painting and drawing. In addition to the work she creates for galleries, she designs and creates funeral urns for families throughout the US and abroad. Her line of biodegradable urns is made of recycled paper and designed for ocean scattering, while her handmade ceramic urns honor loved ones in homes, gardens, and columbraria.

Her vessels are collected across the country. Bruzzese lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she maintains an active studio and family life with her daughter and numerous animals.