Bad Idea by Patsy Davis
Bird On a Wire by Patsy Davis
Boared Pig by Patsy Davis
Bushed Pig by Patsy Davis
Degas by Patsy Davis
First Time Out by Patsy Davis
Flirt by Patsy Davis
Frozen Asset by Patsy Davis
Gilty Pig by Patsy Davis
Jackinâ Around by Patsy Davis
Plunging Stock by Patsy Davis
Reality Check by Patsy Davis
Patsy Davis
“I believe that great design is timeless. It is certainly influenced and often inspired by the time in which it is created, but the trends do not define what is or is not good art. I am very sensitive to the difference between making art for the marketplace and simply making art.” –Patsy Davis

Bronze sculptor Patsy Davis grew up in rural Wisconsin. After attending the Rhode Island School of Design, she worked as an industrial designer for over 25 years - creating hundreds of giftware and toy lines like “My Little Pony,” and others for Warner Brothers, and Disney. But it wasn’t until 1996 when Patsy moved to Southwest Colorado that she found her true calling. Patsy’s work in bronze reflects many years of discipline and attention to detail. But more importantly, are the stories her sculptures tell, the sense of movement, and most of all a glimpse into the hearts and minds of the animals she portrays. Patsy is a carver and her process is to subtract rather than model the form. She relies on strong planes rather than soft round forms or modeled surfaces.

For Patsy, the form must always be good design. Equally important for her is to capture the moment of life portrayed. Thirdly, there is often an allegorical thread underlying each of her sculptures.