7:00 Am Light by Cynthia DeBolt
A Clear Sky by Cynthia DeBolt
A Pastel Day by Cynthia DeBolt
Almost Sunrise by Cynthia DeBolt
Autumn Atmosphere by Cynthia DeBolt
Cerulean Sky by Cynthia DeBolt
Early Autumn I by Cynthia DeBolt
Early Morning by Cynthia DeBolt
Eastern Light by Cynthia DeBolt
Falling Snow by Cynthia DeBolt
First Light by Cynthia DeBolt
Forest Edge by Cynthia DeBolt
Cynthia DeBolt

“I try to see the canvas as a whole - not things in isolation but how they interact, independent from the subject matter; not a tree, but a shape, an area of color; the canvas as an arrangement of abstract shapes and colors and their relationship to each other.” –Cynthia DeBolt

Cynthia DeBolt’s reductive painting style is the result of her interest in simplifying and eliminating elements from the observed landscape to create invented places on her canvases. She uses photographs as reference points, attaching them to her easel, while she paints. By the time the painting is finished, there is very little resemblance to the photograph.

DeBolt hopes her paintings function as a meditative source for the viewer - a focus for contemplation in a busy and complex world. Her paintings are a visual hint to the viewer and the artist to eliminate the unnecessary details in one’s life and strive for a general economy of lifestyle.

DeBolt grew up in Michigan and earned a B.S. in Design with an emphasis in painting from the University of Michigan. Her paintings are held in private and corporate collections in the U.S. and abroad. DeBolt lives and creates in Durango, Colorado.