Birds of a Feather by Shirley Novak
Colorful Faces by Shirley Novak
Early June by Shirley Novak
Morning Moment by Shirley Novak
My Audacity (Diptych) by Shirley Novak
Summer Meadow III by Shirley Novak
Sunny Vibrations by Shirley Novak
White Whimsy by Shirley Novak
Young Zin Red by Shirley Novak
Shirley Novak

“What I try to do with paint is recreate the joy I experience in my subjects - the flowers I grow and the wildflowers in the mountain meadows.” - Shirley Novak

Shirley Novak grew up in Southern California. As a child, she loved growing flowers and spending time in the neighborhood plant nursery. Her painting life started as a teenager. Since these early years, there has never been a time in her life without plenty of soil and paint. Flowers and their bright colors have been her obvious focus, and it seems she was born to be a floral painter as the joy of painting what she grows never ceases.

Formerly an oil painter, a sensitivity to the solvents has forced Shirley to change mediums, she now uses acrylics. This year she also has a new studio, the combination of a new medium and studio has pushed her in a new more contemporary direction with her work. Painting large and using the palette knife and brushes, has brought new life and excitement to her work. Her bright new studio has opened the door to taking risks and following her vision of seeing her flowers bigger than life.

Shirley and her husband, fellow artist Ralph Oberg have happily lived in peaceful and beautiful Western Colorado for the last 20 years.

“When I am at the easel I try to let the experience happen without forcing anything, and without judgment or negativity … I believe we are all creative at our core.”