Baby Billy by Tom Palmore
Cactus Flower by Tom Palmore
Cowgirl by Tom Palmore
Cowgirl by Tom Palmore
Darwin by Tom Palmore
Forrest by Tom Palmore
Homer by Tom Palmore
Miro Had A Cockatoo by Tom Palmore
Mr. Mac by Tom Palmore
Rainbow Parrot by Tom Palmore
Tom Palmore

Palmore pays close attention to detail … and the character of the subject is revealed through the background, posture, and objects. Individualizing the animal in this manner promotes a very human connection between the animal depicted and the viewer.

Tom Palmore’s art defies easy classification. It’s wildlife but, to say the least, it’s whimsical wildlife. Tom takes a different look at fauna, fowl and farm animals as well as man’s best friend. His paintings are big, bold and graphic – but highly detailed which gives them a look of realism infused with a touch of surrealism.

Born in Ada, Oklahoma, in 1945, Tom Palmore has enjoyed a prominent career as an influential artist for many decades. A formally trained painter, Palmore graduated in 1969, from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia. He is best known for his portraits of animals that often contain a note of whimsy. He approaches these portraits as paintings that are being commissioned by the animal being depicted.

Tom’s works are in the collections of highly esteemed museums including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Denver Art Museum, the Whitney Museum of Art and major corporate and private collections including AT&T Price Waterhouse and Stanley Marcs, founder of Neiman Marcus.