Bean Drop Necklace by Zina Sterling
Bean Thread Earrings by Zina Sterling
Blue Topaz Stud Earrings by Zina Sterling
Casablanca Cuff Bracelet by Zina Sterling
Citrine Necklace by Zina Sterling
Zina Sterling

"My jewelry takes you through the day and into the night, from the boardroom to the ballroom." - Zina Sterling

Zina’s love affair with design began when she was just twelve years old, working for her father in his New York jewelry factory.

In 1973 she began involving herself with the new movement of emerging young designers who recognized the limitless possibilities of working in sterling silver. Her sense of style and fine ability to contribute to the future of modern women enabled her to develop a remarkable collection of innovative and sophisticated pieces.

One can immediately recognize the signature style of Zina, by its exquisite and architectural grace and glamour. The successful interplay of semi-precious stones and enamel, with surfaces and textures contrasting against the smooth planes of silver, is what makes her work so unique. She is determined to introduce jewelry that can truly be carried over “from the boardroom to the ballroom.”