A Road Less Traveled by Robert Turner
Alpenglow On Hurricane Ridge by Robert Turner
Ancient Juniper In Morning Fog by Robert Turner
Appalachian Autumn by Robert Turner
Aspen Hillside by Robert Turner
Aspens After Morning Rain by Robert Turner
Aspens In Early Summer by Robert Turner
Dawn Light On Inner Doorway by Robert Turner
Nightfall In The Dunes by Robert Turner
Oaks And Aspens by Robert Turner
Robert Turner

“In my photography I strive to create works of enduring beauty – images that will inform the soul and convey my deep belief in the value of wild places.” –Robert Turner

Robert Turner has been working professionally with a camera for more than thirty years. Before turning to images of the natural world he worked in film. Today Turner devotes his energies to the pursuit of light on the land, a soft light that enhances the colors he captures in his large format landscape photographs of wild places. Often this light quality is present as a storm clears, so Turner can be found sitting in an isolated forest or on the rim of a canyon, at sunrise or sunset, waiting for just the right conditions. Music –classical or jazz– is often playing as he waits, helping to inspire his vision as he captures a moment that transcends the ordinary. Music and photography were formally brought together when Turner was commissioned by the Boston Symphony Orchestra to create a montage of ninety photographs to be projected above the orchestra for two performances during the Spring Pops season. His work hangs in numerous private and corporate collections across the United States, Europe, and Asia.