Bubble Ring by Victoria Adams
Coral Teardrop Earrings by Victoria Adams
Dendritic Agate Earrings by Victoria Adams
Eye Of The Storm Earrings by Victoria Adams
Eye Of The Storm Earrings by Victoria Adams
Falcon Opera Length Necklace by Victoria Adams
Flame of Life earrings by Victoria Adams
Hand And Moon Pendant by Victoria Adams
Victoria Adams

"When designing and building my jewelry, I incorporate the natural forms I observe." –Victoria Adams

Victoria Adams is widely lauded for her stunning jewelry designs featuring unique combinations of color, texture and materials. Juxtaposing precious metals, gemstones and fossils with plant, animal and human forms, Adams expresses her own heritage, experiences and values.

The Oakland, California native is a member of the Southern Cheyenne/Arapaho tribe of Oklahoma where her traditional name is “He On E Va,” meaning “Woman Who Lights the Pipe.”

“Sightings of deer, antelope, birds, bugs, berries and my own horses can set one day very much apart from another. Cheyenne religious ceremonies are not complete without the inclusion of plants and animals. We honor them. They are still an integral part of our traditional and contemporary cultures.” For Adams there is no dividing line between a fine, large diamond set in gold and a beautifully crafted pair of graceful silver Southern Plains style earrings. “When I dress for a fine evening in New York or for a night of dancing at one of my favorite pow-wows, the glint of my silver earrings, like the sparkle of a diamond, makes me feel elegant and proud.”