14kt Gold Beaded Necklace by Alfred Lee Jr
Barrel Chrysoprase Necklace by Alfred Lee Jr
Black Onyx Necklace by Alfred Lee Jr
Chrysophase Necklace by Alfred Lee Jr
Chrysophrase Necklace by Alfred Lee Jr
Kingman Turquoise Necklace by Alfred Lee Jr
Lapis Necklace by Alfred Lee Jr
Lapis Necklace by Alfred Lee Jr

Alfred’s pieces are bold, distinctive and rich. They are ‘statement pieces’ for collectors who appreciate quality. Alfred Lee Jr. is a sixth generation Navajo jeweler who was inspired and mentored by his father, Alfred Lee Sr., also an award-winning artist. Shiprock, New Mexico is home to Alfred where he creates necklaces, bracelets, Concho belts, rings and squash blossom necklaces that blend both traditional and contemporary Navajo designs. Whether you are an aficionado of fine stones or just a person who loves jewelry, his creations are eye candy. The highest quality turquoise, coral, lapis and sugilite are used with dazzling affect in settings of sterling silver and gold. His creations are statement pieces, and are big and bold, distinctive and rich. The Lee family tradition is proud of a reputation that has made them throughout the country for their quality and creativity. Always a delight to talk to, Albert is gracious and most willing to share his knowledge of the techniques used in his work. Alfred often blends the beauty of natural turquoise or coral with the gleam of gold and he is noted for using only rare and high quality stones with sterling silver and 14k gold.