8 Am Ojo Sarco by Peggy Immel
A Bend In The River by Peggy Immel
Along The River by Peggy Immel
Arroyo Seco by Peggy Immel
Aspen Delight I by Peggy Immel
Aspen Delight II by Peggy Immel
Aspen Glow by Peggy Immel
Aspens In Deep Snow by Peggy Immel
Aspens In Winter by Peggy Immel
Blue Door and Mountain by Peggy Immel
Confluence by Peggy Immel
Desert Tapestry by Peggy Immel
Peggy Immel
“I believe the ‘why’ of a painting matters more than the ‘what.’ The most exciting pieces to paint have both a visual and philosophical foundation.” –Peggy Immel Before landscape painter Peggy Immel begins a new piece, she asks herself, “Why are you painting this?” She does this to help stay focused on the original intention and ultimate goal of each piece. Sometimes the goal involves visual aspects like light, color or contrast, while other times it’s more an attraction to the philosophical aspects of a particular subject. Nature and adventure are Immel’s muse: her paintings are inspired by the exotic beauty of the Southwest and her passion for the landscape is enhanced by experiences as an avid hiker, climber, skier, and general outdoor enthusiast. She took her first oil painting class at age ten and studied architecture at Arizona State University, also studying at three major New England art schools and participating in workshops with admired artists. Immel is a Master Signature Member of the Plein Air Painters of New Mexico and a Signature Artist of Plein Air Artists Colorado. She regularly participates in plein air and western art exhibitions across the West. Immel lives in Taos, New Mexico with her husband.