Barn Grass by Stephanie Hartshorn
Blue Rise by Stephanie Hartshorn
Catch Pen by Stephanie Hartshorn
Irvingâs by Stephanie Hartshorn
Light Harvest II by Stephanie Hartshorn
Motel 57 by Stephanie Hartshorn
Primary Neighbors by Stephanie Hartshorn
Red Grain by Stephanie Hartshorn
Rural Line by Stephanie Hartshorn
Rusted Red by Stephanie Hartshorn
Take Flight by Stephanie Hartshorn
Tree Lace by Stephanie Hartshorn
Stephanie Hartshorn
“I am always looking at things and sensing their history. It’s almost as if I am appreciating it for all its years of service. I’m quietly celebrating its life. As a nod to my previous career in architecture, structural themes often arise in my work. I have always loved the details of design: rhythms and complex beauty in the lines and curves of our manmade and natural worlds.” –Stephanie Hartshorn

A fourth generation Colorado native, Stephanie could not put a finger on the root of the distraction straightaway, but after a year and a half of engineering school, she knew she needed to change course. Transferring schools, she ultimately found fulfillment in architecture which engaged her technical abilities as well as her newly-surfaced, developing creative direction. Her education led to a decade of work in architecture with projects in educational design and historic preservation.

Stephanie took her first classes in painting and drawing at the Denver Art Museum in 2006, followed by a transformative workshop in Abiquiu, New Mexico the following autumn. She soon began to seek out more time to paint in between her architectural career and raising her two daughters. Throughout the years, she continued to study, at various times with Mark Daily and Kevin Weckbach. Then, in the summer of 2009, stepped away from design to paint full-time. Stephanie has received recognition and awards in various juried exhibitions and shows. Her work can be found in both public and private collections.