From Ravens to Wolves

By Gavin McCalden

Jim Eppler is widely known for his Raven bronze sculptures. The iconic bird has been spread far and wide through Eppler’s realistic depiction of its character and spirit. Utilizing many different poses, compositions and sizes, he has truly perfected this series of sculptures, and now he seeks to do it again.

In a new release by Jim Eppler, he has brought five Wolf bronzes to Sorrel Sky Gallery. The Wolves are reminiscent of the Raven bronzes in that they each communicate a different personality through various poses.

One may be stalking prey while another is howling at the sky; another two can be coupled in a “courtship” scene. The Wolves are typical of Eppler’s work in the textures and gestures communicated through each individual piece, each one hand-finished by the artist through a combination of patina and paint.

With five wolves to choose from already, any collector or wolf fanatic is sure to find one they can connect with.

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