How do YOU connect with nature?

How do YOU connect with nature?

wolf 24x52.jpgDo you ...

  • Put your phone down, look out the window and let your mind take flight?
  • Step away from your desk, walk outside and sit in the grass?
  • Turn your face up to the falling rain?
  • Paint wildlife in wild places?

Great horned owl 10x16.jpgPainter Edward Aldrich has always felt a personal affinity with nature. This connection can be seen in his work as he captures wildlife in wild places, conveying the inherent being of an animal, awakens a similar, yet personal connection within the viewer. While exploring the concept of putting life into his paintings, he evokes the thrill of witnessing an owl, wolf or bison in the wild. favorite spot-Come see for yourself and meet Ned during Spring Gallery Walk, on May 11, from 5:00-7:00 pm at Sorrel Sky Gallery’s downtown location at 828 Main Ave, Durango, Colorado. The show continues throughout the month of May.bison 24x30.jpg





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