Michael Lewis - Sharing his Passion

By Muriel Tissonnier

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An artist in every sense of the word, Michael Lewis is a painter, musician, film maker, book publisher, teacher and gallery owner!

His passion for creating was embedded at a young age.  Growing up, his mother was forever working on an art project or playing the piano.  Beginning with grade school, Michael’s focus remained in music and art through college.  Michael attendes North Texas State University, studying music. He later pursued art at the Quarter School of Art and Design in Tucson, AZ.  Once out of college, Michael took his first job as a commercial artist for an advertising agency and in 1993 he began his career as a full time painter.

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While his subjects vary, Michael is particularly drawn to plein air painting, but he has the skill to paint anything. He is the founder of Plein Air Painters of the West and a signature member of  Plein Air Painters of New Mexico.  Michael's work has been placed at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History, The New Mexico School for the Deaf, and Red Rock State Park.

“Landscape painters have a special connection with the natural world,” states Lewis.  “They see, smell, hear and taste nature in unique ways.  Our greatest joy is opening a door to the outside, stepping out of a car, getting out of manmade objects and into the open air.  There’s always a grin on our face when we take that breath of fresh air, smell the wet pine tags, see a fog roll through a valley. If you want a rich full life, become a painter.”

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Michael Lewis teaches several workshops at his home in New Mexico. His love and gift for teaching has allowed him to share his passion and knowledge with his students.  He has created 14 public art projects throughout New Mexico.  Most of these projects where located in public schools and involved 10,000 New Mexico children. Michael is the creator of  www.ArtLessonVideos.com, an art instruction website dedicated to sharing his knowledge and experience through short videos focused on particular areas that can be problematic.

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We are very fortunate to be hosting a workshop with Michael Lewis, Painting Colorado Landscapes: Introduction to Plein Air, here at Sorrel Sky Gallery April 27th-29th.

Come absorb everything you can from this highly accomplished artist.

"I am convinced that anyone can become an accomplished artist if they have the desire, get good instruction in the fundamentals

and well, PAINT!"

Click here to learn more about Michael's workshop. There is still space available, so give us a call at 970-247-3555 to spend the weekend painting with Michael Lewis!

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