Nature’s Spontaneity

Nature’s Spontaneity

[caption id="attachment_2657" align="aligncenter" width="650"]SSG-Peggy Immel-Peaches and Cream-Oil 8x10.jpg Peaches and Cream by Peggy Immel[/caption]


"Their work ... it's infectious and enchanting." - Shanan Campbell Wells

Even though it's only July, we're eagerly anticipating the two-person show this fall, “Nature’s Spontaneity,” featuring the distinctive yet complementary works of plein air painters Peggy Immel and Stephen Day. Surrounded by the unceasing spontaneity seen in nature, each artist will present over a dozen new works inspired by their beloved Southwest. We hope you can join us for the opening artist reception during First Friday Art Walk from 5:00-7:30 pm on October 5, 2018, at the gallery’s downtown Santa Fe location, 125 W Palace Ave. If you can't make it to the opening, you'll be able to enjoy the show throughout the month of October.

SSG-Stephen Day-Fall Near Santa Fe-Oil 12x16.jpg
Fall Near Santa Fe by Stephen Day


"This process allows for an easier flow of creativity." - Peggy Immel

[caption id="attachment_2661" align="alignright" width="420"]SSG-Peggy Immel-The Back Door-Oil on Linen on Panel 6x8.jpg The Back Door by Peggy Immel[/caption]

Peggy Immel has been focusing on color relationships this past year, how they change the mood or feeling of a painting as she shifts her palette from cooler to warmer. She has also been introducing more man-made objects, perhaps a road, a fence-line, a small structure or village, to preserve the human influence and keep her paintings engaging, for herself and others. Believing in the need to be prepared to be spontaneous, she prefers to plan before embarking on a new endeavor. “I’ll walk a site that attracts me, writing down my ideas, my reason to paint what I see. Later, I’ll make a small value sketch. Finally, I set all of that aside and just paint intuitively. This process allows for an easier flow of creativity.” A Master Signature Member of Plein Air Painters of New Mexico and Signature Member of Plein Air Artists Colorado, Immel is also a member of Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters, an invitation-only association. A member of the 2018 Plein Air Convention Expo's faculty, she was recently invited to join their 2019 faculty.


“I paint every day ... to get a spontaneous and fresh response." - Stephen Day

[caption id="attachment_2662" align="alignright" width="420"]SSG-Stephen Day-New Mexico Church-Oil 9x12.JPG New Mexico Church by Stephen Day[/caption]

Stephen Day often revisits his childhood memories of the big skies and wide open spaces of Wyoming, either literally or inwardly, to nourish his artistic vision. On a recent trip, he took over 800 photographs and painted various small plein air studies. At times, these small studies turn into large studio finished pieces. With the goal of refining his paintings, Day will work on a piece for a time, set it aside and work on something else. Later, he’ll return to the original piece, developing and enhancing the final imagery. “I paint every day, pretty loose and quickly to get a spontaneous and fresh response. Landscapes, skies, seasonal scenes, inspired by the Southwest. But part of my heart will always be in Wyoming. You always have a special place for where you were from.” Day was invited by Plein Air Painters of New Mexico to be their 2018 Judge of Awards and has been a featured artist in Taos Magazine.

SSG-Peggy Immel-Full Glory-Oil 16x20.jpg
Full Glory by Peggy Immel
Shanan Campbell Wells, owner of Sorrel Sky Gallery reflects on the joyful energy seen in the works of Immel and Day. “It’s been my absolute pleasure to represent Peggy and Stephen for over 18 years collectively. Yet, with every new piece, I’m just as affected by the warmth, vibrancy and tangible joy seen in their work as I was the first time I encountered it. It’s infectious and enchanting.”

SSG-Stephen Day-Autumn Mood-Oil 24x30.JPG
Autumn Mood by Stephen Day



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