Rock Art - Touching the Roots of Our Being


They echo within us. They touch the very roots of our being.

The vision for the Rock Art Garden, featuring works from Star Liana York, grew over several seasons, warmed by ancient artistry, and watered by deep contemplation.

Star based her Ancient Impressions series on images she encountered while hiking and riding through the canyons of the Southwest. Rock Art Mares, Stallions, and Minis were all inspired by the powerful beauty of the cave paintings and pictographs she observed. 

The reverence and power expressed in these drawings, as well as those found in the ancient cave paintings at Lascaux, France, suggests that early man had a spiritual connection with their subjects.

The sophisticated yet primitive sense of style that these designs communicate is subtle and timeless. They echo within us. They speak to our subconscious. They touch the very roots of our being.  

Come see Star's Rock Art Garden at Sorrel Sky Gallery Santa Fe!

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