“Rural Narratives” with Stephanie Hartshorn and Tamara Rymer

“Rural Narratives” with Stephanie Hartshorn and Tamara Rymer

Two-Woman Show with Stephanie Hartshorn and Tamara Rymer

SANTA FE, NM: June 15, 2017; Sorrel Sky Gallery will host a two-woman show “Rural Narratives,” featuring Stephanie Hartshorn and Tamara Rymer on September 8, 2017. Hartshorn’s imagery often features structural themes, reflecting the complex relationship of the manmade and natural worlds. Rymer’s style is influenced by her family history, as well as a high regard for the bond between horse and rider. Artist reception is from 5:00-7:30 pm at Sorrel Sky Gallery’s downtown location at 125 W. Palace Ave. The show continues throughout the month of September.

"Stephanie and Tamara both paint with such a clear visual 'voice.'" - Shanan Campbell Wells

Hartshorn, having practiced architecture, continues to engage structures as an art form. Her work is composed of rural and urban landscapes, allowing her to capture her love for the details of design; the lines and curves seen in our manmade world as they intersect with the natural environment. Enjoying the dynamic experience of weaving an image together, she approaches a canvas open to the direction an idea may take. “I consider my paint as a sculptor might her clay: each brushstroke takes on a form of its own and, in the end, creates textures that explore and express an object or scene. It’s always a process…I’m always wanting to explore…wanting more expression…the feeling of movement within the brushwork.”

[caption id="attachment_2209" align="aligncenter" width="4000"]SSG-Stephanie Hartshorn - Piggyback - Oil on Board 8x10.jpg Piggyback by Stephanie Hartshorn[/caption]

Rymer’s western lifestyle paintings reveal much about how her family history and surroundings influence her work. Fueled by stories of cowboys and traders, travelers and outlaws, horses and Native Americans who crisscrossed the ranch owned by her great-grandparents, her imagery becomes a visual testimony of times gone by. As a way to stay connected to the vast Southwest that she calls home, she takes time to explore, photograph and muse. “While photographing wild horses in the Northeast New Mexico plains for future work, I found some charred rocks which could have been remnants of a campfire. I envisioned tepees, with their vistas, and what might have been.”

[caption id="attachment_2210" align="aligncenter" width="2400"]SSG-Tamara Rymer - East West and Midwest - Oil on Canvas 18x24.jpg East, West and Midwest by Tamara Rymer[/caption]

Shanan Campbell Wells, owner of Sorrel Sky Gallery, is looking forward to having these two artists showing together. “Stephanie and Tamara both paint with such a clear visual ‘voice.’ Each makes her own observations, creates her own narrative, and transform that narrative into imagery that we can relate and connect to. Having their works paired in this show will offer a unique opportunity to ‘hear’ what they have seen and been influenced by.”

Sorrel Sky Gallery’s visionary approach to Western art allows both new and experienced art enthusiasts the opportunity to select from a distinctive collection of contemporary and traditional fine art and jewelry. Founded in Durango, CO in 2002, Sorrel Sky Gallery opened its second location in Santa Fe, NM in 2014. Representing several acclaimed and renowned painters, sculptors and jewelers, including Kevin Red Star, Star Liana York, and former U.S. Senator Ben Nighthorse, among others.

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