Sculpture Gardens and You


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As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, we are naturally drawn to the outdoors. A hike through the mountains or desert, a stroll through the park, or time spent in the garden. Watching your gardening efforts mature and grow is always satisfying. Adding a personal touch with sculpture can create an even more individual or distinctive feeling in your garden. Sculpture can do something that plants alone cannot. They can surprise, inspire, delight, and even tell a story. Your story. There are no strict rules when designing your sculpture garden. However, here are a few ideas to keep in mind and perhaps guide you along the way.

 Stay receptive to what a sculpture says to you.  When a sculpture sparks joy, imagination or even dreams, its story becomes part of your story. Placing it within a garden shares that spark with others, creating more and more stories.

Keep in mind what you might want your sculpture, or sculptures, to do.  They can be a focal point, gathering people together. They can create small destinations for contemplation. Or, they can lead visitors on a journey of discovery.

Be willing to take a chance.  Art is powerful, and that power is enhanced when it isn’t forced to compete with other elements. Placing a piece so that it can draw people, gather people or guide people allows its innate power to speak to others.

This time of year often brings to mind rejuvenation and new life. Sorrel Sky Gallery has a delightful array of small, medium and life-sized pieces that are sure to add a new chapter to your garden, creating moments of whimsy or contemplation.

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