Sorrel Sky Opens New Location in New York City Featuring David Yarrow


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Sorrel Sky in New York to Feature David Yarrow

Sorrel Sky Gallery opened its third location in NYC's SoHo neighborhood in March 2024. With over twenty successful years of owning art galleries in the Southwest, Shanan Campbell brings her keen eye and passion for art to New York City. The new space, at 419 West Broadway, features world-renowned photographer David Yarrow and over 40 of his evocative images, including several from recent shoots.

Sorrel Sky Gallery, New York
Sorrel Sky Gallery, New York

As a woman business owner, Shanan has made her mark on the Western art world through Sorrel Sky's two existing galleries. Her belief in the importance of establishing meaningful connections with art lovers and artists has led to the success of Sorrel Sky's locations in Durango, Colorado, and Santa Fe, New Mexico. The opening of this third location marks an exciting milestone in the continued growth of Sorrel Sky. With exclusive representation of David Yarrow in New York City and the State, Shanan brings her unique view of client services to the NYC art market.  

"Opening a location in NYC has been a longtime vision of mine. Having David as our inaugural artist makes the realization of that vision that much more exciting."

— Shanan Campbell

Shanan Campbell and David Yarrow at Sorrel Sky Santa Fe
Shanan Campbell and David Yarrow at Sorrel Sky Gallery, New York

Shanan first connected with David some years ago when he was in Durango shooting on location. He invited her to join his team for the day, and the connection between gallery owner and artist was cemented. “I was astounded. It was like a movie set,” she recalls. “David possesses that rare talent to utterly enthrall viewers. His ability as an artist, combined with his gift for visual storytelling, will pull you in and spark the imagination. They invite you to linger, to share in his story, and to create your own.”

David Yarrow at Sorrel Sky Gallery New York
David Yarrow at Sorrel Sky Gallery, New York

"Shanan is passionate about art, and the artists she represents know what she brings to the table. Over the years, we have gotten to know each other well. I admire her ambition, which now takes her to SoHo, NYC. We are delighted and honoured to lead her first show in the city."

— David Yarrow

Since that first meeting, David has returned to Durango repeatedly, capturing site-specific images that quickly sell out as collectors eagerly acquire them. With celebrity models like Cara Delevinge paired with the historic Durango Silverton Narrow Guage Railroad, David Yarrow tells stories of the Wild West. And, he continues to explore the globe, capturing images of wildlife, pop culture, sports figures, and more.

"Choosing David as our featured artist at Sorrel Sky Gallery in New York was a natural decision. Beyond being a photographer, he is a storyteller, capturing the essence and spirit of his subjects with unparalleled depth. His affinity for both the American West and the remote corners of the world aligns perfectly with our gallery’s ethos, offering viewers a moment of respite and reflection amidst the chaos of modern life."

— Shanan Campbell

David Yarrow, Shanan Campbell and Sorrel Sky Gallery In the Press

David Yarrow Photography at Sorrel Sky Gallery

Reach out to our team of art advisors with any questions about the works seen in this blog. We'd love to see you in the gallery, where you can experience the evocative photography of David Yarrow in person.