Sorrel Sky Gallery Welcomes Several New Artists

It's with much excitement that we announce the representation of several new artists at both of the gallery's locations, in Durango and Santa Fe. Each transforms emotion into compelling imagery, sentiment into whimsical figures, and tradition into wearable designs, attracting local, national and international attention. Be sure to visit us soon to experience their paintings, sculpture, and jewelry in person! 

“Art possesses a powerful ability to create enduring connections." - Shanan Campbell Wells

[caption id="attachment_2452" align="aligncenter" width="680"]SSG-Shirley Novak-Colorful Faces-Acrylic on Canvas 30x40.jpg Colorful Faces by Shirley Novak[/caption]

Shirley Novak seems born to be a floral painter. Living in Western Colorado for the last 20 years, surrounded by her garden, her delight in painting what she grows never ceases. Formerly an oil painter, she now uses acrylics. Painting flowers that are larger than life, using the palette knife and brushes, her work is both joyful and contemporary. “When I am at the easel I try to let the experience happen without forcing anything … I believe we are all creative at our core.” Shirley will be showing at our Santa Fe gallery.

SSG-Susan Norris-Hamish McSmug-14 inches Bronze .jpg
Hamish McSmug by Susan Norris
Susan Norris' career began with charcoal and pencil drawings but soon included watercolor, acrylic, and oils. In the early 90s, she received her first bronze commission, opening a new avenue of artistic expression. Besides creating monumental, life-size and smaller bronze sculptures, Norris also works with ceramic clay, creating one-of-a-kind animal figures. The final sculpture is unique and “a little unpredictable … which is what makes them so interesting!” Susan's sculptures can be seen at our Durango gallery.

SSG-Janice Sugg-Blue Horizon with Birds-Oil on Canvas 30x30.jpg
Blue Horizon with Birds by Janice Sugg
Janice Sugg has lived and painted in Colorado for more than 25 years. Her oil paintings occupy a unique position in the genre of Western Landscape. Using layers to build imagery, she interleaves textures, blending color and a subjective atmosphere, using unpredictable palettes. The spectrum of colors often challenges well-worn clichés. “My work … encourages the viewer to respond emotionally to abstract shapes, conceptual colors, lines, and layers.” Janice will be showing at our Durango gallery.

SSG-Michelle Tapia-Sacred Garden Link Bracelet-Sterling Silver 14k gold fossilized walrus tusk 7 1-2 inches.jpg
Sacred Garden Link Bracelet by Michelle Tapia
Michelle Tapia carves each of her pieces by hand from fossilized walrus tusk. Her jewelry designs are hand-inked and set in fine metals, utilizing her skills of silver and goldsmithing, lapidary and the art of scrimshaw. Born and raised in Santa Fe, animals, nature, her Spanish upbringing and her Tibetan Buddhist philosophies inspire her. “My designs are all from my heart and my culture. My love of animals and anything of beauty influence me most.” You can try on Michelle's jewelry designs at our Durango gallery.

SSG-Jane Chapin-Time With Dad-Oil 8x10.jpg
Time With Dad by Jane Chapin
Jane Chapin began a lifelong love of travel and painting at an early age, taking her first oil painting class at the age of 10. She believes in plein air painting as an essential part of her ongoing development as a painter. Using a traditional approach, she paints studies on location, using them as reference material for her studio work. “Painting …  compels me to keep trying and growing and changing.” Jane's work can be seen at both our Durango and Santa Fe galleries.

Owner Shanan Campbell Wells observed, “Art possesses a powerful ability to create enduring connections. The distinctive artistry of these five gifted artists will undoubtedly initiate many of those connections, with new and experienced art lovers.”

Sorrel Sky Gallery’s visionary approach to Western art allows both new and experienced art enthusiasts the opportunity to select from a distinctive collection of contemporary and traditional fine art and jewelry. Founded in Durango, CO in 2002, Sorrel Sky Gallery opened its second location in Santa Fe, NM in 2014. Representing several acclaimed and renowned painters, sculptors and jewelers, including Kevin Red Star, Star Liana York, and former U.S. Senator Ben Nighthorse, among others.

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