Sorrel Sky Gallery Welcomes Two New Artists to Their Santa Fe Location

Sorrel Sky Gallery Welcomes Two New Artists to Their Santa Fe Location

Elsa Sroka and David Marty to show at Sorrel Sky Gallery Santa Fe

SANTA FE, NM: March 29, 2017; Sorrel Sky Gallery is pleased to announce the representation of two new artists; contemporary stylistic painter Elsa Sroka and impressionistic landscape painter David Marty.


[caption id="attachment_media-1" align="aligncenter" width="680"]Elsa Sroka - The Guardian - Oil on Board 48x54.jpg The Guardian by Elsa Sroka[/caption]

Elsa Sroka, is a Colorado native with a deep love of art and design that stretches back to her childhood. Her landscapes are mostly color-driven, finding inspiration in many sources including elements found in architecture, the imagery of other artists, and her own imagination. At times, her inspiration can randomly unfold as she approaches a blank canvas with no preconceived ideas, not knowing where it will end up. In Elsa’s cow series, expression is the most important element; infusing the subject with personality. She believes the ordinary subject becomes significantly more intriguing when misplaced, inviting the viewer to pay attention through the element of surprise. With a forward-thinking, contemporary attitude, she is interested in the interplay of different mediums and the challenges presented in manipulating traditional methods. In the end, if Elsa is able to emotionally engage the viewer, she feels her work is complete. “I paint because I need to.”


[caption id="attachment_media-7" align="alignnone" width="680"]David Marty - Valley Farm - Oil on Canvas 12x16.JPG Valley Farm by David Marty[/caption]

David Marty, has been living in, and finding inspiration from the Pacific Northwest, for the last 30 years. A Palo Alto native, his passion for art has taken him from the Bay Area, to Southern California, around the world, and ultimately Washington State. Landscapes of the Western United States are often the subject of David’s work. However several tours throughout Europe, and in particular Italy, have inspired him to regularly paint scenes from European country and city life as well. Although David’s professional career initially took him in the direction of graphic design and illustration, he continued to paint. The time spent working on his craft; experimenting with color, loosening and tightening his pieces, playing with texture, absorbing the influence of other artists, attending workshops, and ultimately just painting year after year has helped him become one of the preeminent oil painters on the West Coast. He strives to “capture an essence of a scene or moment in time, and share that with others.”


Gallery owner Shanan Campbell Wells observed, “Elsa’s works reflects her inventive outlook, igniting the imagination of the viewer. David is clearly moved by what he observes in the natural world, his appreciation for creation is almost palpable. We are delighted to have them join our diverse array of styles and artistry here at Sorrel Sky.”

Sorrel Sky Gallery’s fresh approach to Western art presents a select collection of contemporary and traditional fine art and jewelry for the discerning collector. Sorrel Sky Gallery was founded in Durango, CO in 2002 and opened its Santa Fe, NM location in 2014. It represents over 90 painters, sculptors and jewelers including bronze artist Star Liana York and jewelry artist Ben Nighthorse, among others.

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