The Heart

The Heart

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One the most universally recognized symbols throughout the world is the heart. The symbolism of this famous icon is based on what our human heart represents. Since the time of the early Greeks, and possibly earlier, the heart shape has been a sign of togetherness, love, and affection. It is a common denominator that breaks down barriers of language, culture and status

The evolution of this shape can be traced throughout the centuries, on Greek coins and in early scientific writings from the Middle Ages. Artists soon developed their own interpretation of this shape and its meaning. During the Renaissance it was seen more frequently in religious art and playing card.

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It eventually grew as a symbol of romance and courtly love. By the Victorian era, expressing feelings by giving heart-shaped jewelry became customary throughout Western culture. Although variations on the meaning of the heart are found in poetry, song, art and jewelry, it has always stood true in expressing love.

A Common Denominator With Enduring Meaning

[caption id="attachment_1738" align="alignleft" width="348"]L Baca - Red Car Pendant.JPG "Red Car Pendant" by Lawrence Baca[/caption]

Today, as in ancient times, contemporary artists are actively creating their renditions of this famous symbol. Many Sorrel Sky artists embrace the shape, while putting their unique signature on their work. Their representation of the heart is an extension of past traditions, yet reflect contemporary times. Lawrence Baca’s jewelry is influenced by a combination of Spanish Colonial Ecclesiastical and the earliest phase of Native American ‘Old Pawn.’ His unique, hand-crafted pieces often included a sacred heart, at times seen as a pendant or charm. The jewelry designs of Aldrich Art use a variety of gemstones and inlay in their brightly colored necklaces, earrings, rings and necklaces, frequently using the heart as a focal point.

Expressions of love never lose their importance, or their value. The symbol of the heart speaks clearly and simply to those we care about the most.

[caption id="attachment_1761" align="aligncenter" width="422"]Aldrich Art - Charm Necklace.jpg "Charm Necklace" by Aldrich Art[/caption]





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