The Master of Sunsets and Snow - Stephen Day

By Jill Soens

Learn to capture on canvas the heat and the ice of a shiny, rosy  sunset, and the texture and glow of snow against trees and water. Stephen Day, both an experienced teacher and artist, will lead a 3 day workshop starting on Friday, March 22 through Sunday, March 24.


While Stephen’s favorite place to paint small study pieces is in the outdoors, the class members will work from photos from Stephen’s collection or they can bring their own photos. At the start of each day and again, after lunch, the workshop will begin with a demonstration of “how to” techniques after which each student will begin starting their own painting based on these techniques.

[caption id="attachment_833" align="aligncenter" width="480"]"A Northern New Mexico Evening" by Stephen Day "A Northern New Mexico Evening" by Stephen Day[/caption]

As is in the beautiful sunset painting above, techniques will include how to achieve the beautiful color palette of the sky meeting the earth and how to create the clouds and the effect of the sun on the clouds. The workshop will also focus on techniques to paint the glimmer, shimmer and curves of snow as the snow meet animate objects.

After the demonstration of techniques, each participant will begin a small painting themselves on the principle that it is harder to begin and easier to finish later.  Each student will be working hard to capture these new techniques.

Stephen says, “Hopefully, after the workshop, the students will be inspired and motivated to do more when they are at home because they will know better how to achieve their artistic goals”

The only equipment needed are whatever painting material the student usually uses and small canvases.

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