The Real Deal - Greg Kelsey

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By Jill Soens

Greg Kelsey says, “I believe you should paint or sculpt what you know and love.  For me, the story of the western life is worth being told in an authentic way.  When you live it, you can show a perspective that’s not always seen from afar.”

He feels that being able to use his talent every day is a blessing, “There’s a real connection with the Creator when you live the dream.”

Greg’s mother was a high school art teacher who gave him his love of art. At the same time, he worked on his grandfather’s registered longhorn herd, fostering his love of art and western traditions.

One winter, while Greg was in college, he decided he'd rather be a cowboy and ride in the summer rodeo circuit. That plan didn't last long. Feeding cows one winter in 3 feet of snow made Greg much more agreeable to the idea of college and he returned.

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It must have been serendipity. Greg took the only sculpting class offered at the college, forever changing his life path. From that moment, he knew what he needed to do with the rest of his life.  Greg began sculpting on his own and sought the expertise and advice of many great sculpters.

Being mostly self taught, sculpture has been a journey of continual growth for Greg.  He says “In every action there are simple, artful lines that occur naturally.  The magic is finding those lines and putting them to use to help create the overall shape and movement of the piece.  That is “putting the art in it”.

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Keeping his own small herd of Longhorns and a few horses allows Greg to keep in touch with his cowboy life while sticking with a busy schedule in the studio.  He has to be both a cowboy and an artist, stating simply:  “whether it’s buckin’ horses, pushin’ cows ... that’s where I get my inspiration for art and for everyday decisions.  That’s the current , right there.  You get out of the current and all those ideas and abilities seem to pass you by.  Get back in the saddle and it’s all there again”.

Greg’s sculptures show the movement, the strength, the courage and yes, the grace, of the cowboy‘s daily life - a grace achieved only with hard work and diligence.  All the traits are apparent in Greg and his artwork.

We at Sorrel Sky Gallery are delighted to have Greg, his beautiful family and his artwork with us and our gallery.




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