Toby Pomeroy - Eco Jeweler

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By Linda Perala-Hunt

Wearing Toby Pomeroy jewelry supports the protection and preservation of precious water supplies, native lands and wildlife around the world.

Toby Pomeroy stands for BEAUTY, CRAFTSMANSHIP, and of upmost importance,  STEWARDSHIP of  the planet. I personally  love what Toby stands for, and practices and preaches. Lets face it, jewelry is beautiful and it is and has always been a great selling art form,  but with it comes a toll on our planet. So to have an artist that is both a fabulous designer and an advocate for our  EARTH, is a win-win!

Perhaps we can attribute his eco-friendly ways to his upbringing. Toby was actually raised in the foothills of the Himalayas. Even at a very young age, Toby was entranced by the local artisans and the harmony between their lives, craftwork, and harmony with the natural world.

Toby is nationally recognized for his efforts and has been featured in many publications like -- Time -- Oprah -- JCK -- Elle -- Shape -- Body + Soul  -- Brides --Vanity Fair. The list goes on and on.

Pomeroy really made the scene in 2005 and has been going strong ever since. The driving forces behind his fantastic line are simple:

Clean – Toby has invested the time, energy & resources needed to build his fine line of designs using clean, freshly re-purified gold & silver. Even the fine diamonds used in his pieces are methodically selected for their cleanliness – both in quality and in relation to our Earth.

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Green – Toby recycles  fine gold and silver in addition to using only recycled and preferably post consumer waste packaging products. This endeavor helps to eliminate the carbon footprint on the Earth. The efforts and processes of re-claiming, recycling and repurifying gold & silver is substantial. Toby Pomeroy is truly a conscientious artist and pioneer.

Scene – Droves of clients are appreciating Toby’s cleanly refined, natural design elements. Most recently was Cameron Dias who is featured on Toby's site wearing one of his signature pendants. The pure Nature of his designs are stunning on their own, combine this with his effort for the environment and it makes Toby Pomeroy a rare treasure indeed.

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