"True Myths"

"True Myths"

Coming this fall ...

“True Myths”

with Phyllis Stapler

[caption id="attachment_2619" align="aligncenter" width="1665"]SSG-Phyllis Stapler-Coyote and Roadrunner-Acrylic and oil on board 20x24.jpg Coyote and Roadrunner by Phyllis Stapler[/caption]

Phyllis pulls us into a world of vibrant color, of legend and lore, a world that is new but familiar at the same time. - Shanan Campbell Wells

This one-woman show, “True Myths,” featuring the paintings of Phyllis Stapler, begins on September 7, 2018. With several new works, exploring a range of mythical and legendary themes, Phyllis conveys her deep reverence for nature and the sentience of animals with pieces rich in color yet reductive in arrangement. An artist reception, held at Sorrel Sky Gallery’s downtown location at 828 Main Ave during Fall Gallery Walk, from 5-9 pm on September 21, will give you the chance to talk to Phyllis about her method and inspiration. The show continues throughout the month of September.

[caption id="attachment_2620" align="aligncenter" width="1585"]SSG-Phyllis Stapler-Preying Chupacabra-Acrylic and oil on board 18x14.jpg Preying Chupacabra by Phyllis Stapler[/caption]

I sense a contrast between the complexity of life and the beauty that surrounds us. - Phyllis Stapler

Phyllis Stapler has been perfecting her distinctive style of reductive compositions and seemingly flattened forms of flora and fauna for over 30 years. Her carefully positioned animals and outstretched botanical elements, merge deceptively simplified imagery with sophisticated color combinations, achieving a sense of calmness and stillness for the viewer to interpret. With the new works presented at this show, Phyllis explores dreams, myths, legends, and emotions, both individual and collective. Similar to how dreams and myths intrigue us, get under our skin and become part of who we are, these works convey the mystery of personal perspective, while still encouraging a personal connection.

[caption id="attachment_2622" align="aligncenter" width="3000"]SSG-Phyllis Stapler-Deep Woods Incident-Acrylic and oil on board 48x72.jpg Deep Woods Incident by Phyllis Stapler[/caption]

An animal lover, Phyllis believes that the welfare of animals should always be kept close in mind. Using monochromatic backgrounds that accentuate the consciousness of each animal, she often depicts them with both curious and sober expressions. Inspired by their soulfulness, she hopes that her paintings remind us of how our very human emotions can be mirrored in the animal we share this planet with. She also draws inspiration from the stark yet vibrant landscapes of the Southwest, as she perceives “a moody, atmospheric, spiritual feeling while driving through the desert; sensing the contrast between the complexity of life and the beauty that surrounds us.” Her paintings have received recognition in both regional and national publications. Phyllis was recently awarded the Grand Prize from the 2018 artspan “Rebirth” contest, and was featured as one of the “Must-Know Artists” in the 2018 June/July issue of Santa Fean.

Gallery owner, Shanan Campbell Wells finds works by Phyllis to be both tranquil and moving. “I appreciate the subtle yet pulsing energy in how Phyllis paints, and what she paints. There is the illusion of effortlessness as she artfully depicts what we only imagine. She pulls us into a world of vibrant color, of legend and lore, a world that is new but familiar at the same time.”

Sorrel Sky Gallery’s visionary approach to Western art allows both new and experienced art enthusiasts the opportunity to select from a distinctive collection of contemporary and traditional fine art and jewelry. Founded in Durango, CO in 2002, Sorrel Sky Gallery opened its second location in Santa Fe, NM in 2014. Representing several acclaimed and renowned painters, sculptors and jewelers, including Kevin Red Star, Star Liana York, and former U.S. Senator Ben Nighthorse, among others.

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