The Watchman

The Watchman

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44" x 75" x 5"

Original Oil Painting & LED Neon Mixed Media.  Dimmable Commercial Grade Transformer / All Electronics are UL Listed.

With his pistol and rifle at the ready, this Texas Ranger may look familiar. James “Jim” Hawkins enlisted in Company D of the Texas Rangers in 1874 and rode with many of the famous rangers of the time. He later became a sheriff in Montana and was known for being “the right man in the right place.”

The concept for Michael Blessing’s “Neon West” series evolved from combining his love of the figure with the nostalgic pull of vintage neon signs.  Initially drawn to figurative painting, in 2014 Michael began seeking out historical subject matter and vintage neon signs, especially those that were no longer in existence.

While contemplating new subject matter one summer afternoon, he was struck with the idea to combine neon with his beloved figures.  The end result is a series of larger than life historical characters rendered in a contemporary style.  Michael is currently blazing new trails by melding the vibrant color and contrastive light of the newest LED neon technology with historic western characters and iconic western figures.

As a rule, Michael Blessing is drawn to strong compositions, vibrant color, and bold lines. His figurative work and paintings of vintage Western nostalgia are widely appealing, often reminiscent of classic Americana, and have an edgy quality that is both contemporary and timeless.

Artist Michael Blessing explains the workings and inspiration behind his Neon West mixed media pieces and his Neon Card Series oil paintings.

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