Collection: Michael Sydorky

"I've always wanted my art to have an impact … " — Michael Sydoryk

Michael Sydoryk, a self-taught contemporary artist from Alberta, Canada, stumbled upon his passion for painting in 2009 at the young age of 19. What originated as a creative escape from the stresses of university studies quickly morphed into an all-consuming artistic obsession, captivated by the sheer joy of putting brush to canvas. Michael's signature energetic, emotionally charged painting style combines technical realism with loose, expressive abstract brushwork, allowing viewers to connect with his art on a deep, personal level. 

Though Michael works in various mediums, his artistic focus on wildlife, especially the iconic bison, reflects his personal inspirations and connections to nature. The majestic bison truly speaks to his spirit. In 2016, Michael's outstanding contemporary wildlife paintings were accepted into the prestigious Calgary Stampede's Western Showcase, marking a major milestone in his burgeoning career. Since completing his university education in 2018, Michael has wholeheartedly devoted himself to the pursuit of his art, pushing himself to explore new creative directions and techniques each year while still maintaining his raw, emotive artistic style that invites the viewer into the scene.

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