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May 2018 Southwest Art Magazine
Editor's Choice - Featuring Maura Allen


May 2018 Southwest Art Magazine
Artist Note - Featuring Peggy Immel
Expanding The Landscape

Landscape painter Peggy Immel’s first childhood drawings focused on buildings. “In grade school I would draw plans of trailers,” she says. “I could put everything in it and design it the way I wanted.” Later, she studied architecture in college and worked as an interior designer. This love for the manmade is a stark contrast to her years of painting. Immel’s landscapes are often pristine, perhaps featuring animals here and there but with the spotlight always on the... READ MORE

2018 Santa Fe Plein Air Fiesta
"Paint in the Land of Enchantment"

Show Catalog
April 28 - May 18, 2018


May 2018 Southwest Art Magazine
Editor's Choice - Featuring Elsa Sroka


May 2018 Southwest Art Magazine
Show Preview - Santa Fe Plein Air Fiesta 
by Mackenzie McCreary
April 28 - May 18, 2018

This month more than 50 artists gather in New Mexico for the annual Santa Fe Plein Air Fiesta, a paint-out competition and exhibition featuring subject matter from across the state. The event is sponsored by the Plein Air Painters of New Mexico and is hosted by Sorrel Sky Gallery. Beginning on Saturday, April 28, artists are given a far-reaching geographical range to find inspiration while also attending group paint-outs where attendees can watch their creative processes. An opening reception and awards presentation is held on Friday, May 4, from 5 to 7:30 p.m. at the gallery’s downtown location... READ MORE

March 2018 - Western Art Collector
Featuring Jim Rey

"BIG Country" by John O’Hern

When I told Jim Rey that I like his painting Big Country because the rider looks relaxed on his horse, the high horizon makes the land look vast and the
midday light is brilliant…he was pleased.

“If it’s big country, it better look like big country for one thing,” he remarked. “The high horizon and diffused light in the background do that… READ MORE


November 2017 - Southwest Art Magazine
Featuring Bonnie Conrad

"Painting The Figure" by Kim Agricola

In her loose, painterly portrayals of Native Americans, cowboys, women, and children, Bonnie Conrad seeks to capture fleeting moments that express the human experience. In her depiction of an elderly Tarahumara basket weaver silently working over a lapful of reeds, for instance, Conrad wanted to communicate the woman’s lifetime... READ MORE

November 2017 Southwest Art Magazine
Show Preview - Plein Air Painters of New Mexico
November 3-26, 2017

In recent years plein-air painting has become a wildly popular pastime, with galleries and artist organizations continuing to encourage the technique. The desire to return to the outdoors and stay in touch with one’s surroundings while painting has fostered communities across the nation, including the Plein Air Painters of New Mexico... READ MORE

Friday, September 29  |  Durango Herald
Featuring Maura Allen

"Artist Maura Allen to Open New Show at Sorrel Sky" by Katie Chicklinski-Cahill

For artist Maura Allen, who was born and raised in northern California and who currently lives in Denver, the West is a place she’s always loved.

Allen will open her newest show, “The Only Road You Know,” on Oct. 6 at Sorrel Sky Gallery, the same weekend as the annual Durango Cowboy Poetry Gathering... READ MORE

October 2017 Southwest Art Magazine
Featuring Star Liana York's "Prayer Chant"

October 2017 Southwest Art Magazine
Show Preview - David Knowlton & Martha Kellar

If one boils it down, vision begins with the contrast of light and shadow. David Knowlton and Martha Kellar, the two artists showcased this month at Sorrel Sky Gallery in Santa Fe... READ MORE

October 2017 Southwest Art Magazine
Featuring Sorrel Sky Galleries Founder,
Shanan Campbell Wells

"State of the Art Market" by Daniel Gibson
Eight insiders share expert advice for collectors

Like so many things in the world today, the art market is changing all the time: new events pop up on the calendar, galleries close... READ MORE

August 2017 Santa Fe Local Flavor
Featuring Kevin Red Star

"Kevin Red Star" by Daniel Gibson

It is hard to overestimate the influence and importance of the Santa Fe-based Institute of American Indian Arts on contemporary Native American culture, and artists ... READ MORE


August 2017 Issue of Southwest Art Magazine
Featuring Elsa Sroka

"The Need to Paint" by Elizabeth L. Delaney

Denver painter Elsa Sroka places her artwork squarely on the contemporary side of realism. Drawing from her own memories as well as a deep font of imagination, Sroka transforms traditional subject matter into partially abstracted yet lucid expressions of the things that feed her soul... READ MORE

Summer 2017 Issue of NMAI
Featuring Pablita Abeyta

"One Who Completes a Circle" by Anya Montiel

Pablita Ta-Nez-Bah Abeyta, a Navajo ceramicist and former employee of the National Museum of the American Indian, passed away at her home in Washington, D.C., this January 31. The great loss felt by her family and colleagues was echoed throughout Indian Country as those who knew her reflected on her remarkable legacy and talent... READ MORE

Junw/July Art of The West - Gerald Balciar

July/August 2017 Issue of Art Of The West
Featuring Gerald Balciar

"Penty Left to Do" by Sara Gilbert Frederick

Gerald Balciar and his wife Bonnie start every day with a walk around their prop­erty They loop around the 10-acre plot near Parker, Colorado, three times, weaving between the trees they planted when they moved there 26 years ago. As they walk, Balciar counts bluebirds. "Most days we see eight or 10 of them,"... READ MORE

June 2017 Southwest Art Magazine
Show Preview - Maura Allen & Denny Haskew
June 2- 30, 2017

This month contemporary western painter Maura Allen and Native American figurative sculptor Denny Haskew share timeless narratives of the American West in a heartfelt exhibition titled Geography of Hope. The show opens at Sorrel Sky Gallery on Friday, June 2, with an artists’ reception at 5 p.m. .. READ MORE



Art of The West - March/April Greg Kelsey Feature

March/April 2017 Issue of Art Of The West
Featuring Greg Kelsey

"Spiritual Connection" by Mary Nelson

Riding, roping, and sculpting are the things Greg Kelsey’s dreams are made of. Deep inside this sculptor beats the heart of a cowboy. He is the intrepid soul who likes to stand on the precipice of the future and hurl himself headlong over the edge... READ MORE

Star Liana York - A Life in Bronze

January 2017 Ridgeway Report
Featuring Star Liana York

"A Life In Bronze"

Star Liana York tells the story of her own discoveries through her art. While her career as a professional sculptor began in the mid-1970’s, much of the recognition she has achieved has occurred since moving to the American Southwest in 1985 — where she was allured by the frontier spirit that lingers beneath New Mexico’s austere high-desert landscape... READ MORE

Dec. 2016/Jan. 2017 Western Art & Architecture
Featuring Edward Aldrich

"Of Collections and Collectors" by Laura Zuckerman

Auctions and shows featuring Western and American paintings from the collections of well-known art aficionados saw strong sales for pieces that best characterized the work of a particular artist.

For example, a Thomas Hart Benton painting sold for more than twice its high estimate during the Dallas Auction Gallery’s Fine Art Auction in October. The piece, Roasting Ears, was strongly representative of the 20th-century artist’s so-called regionalism... READ MORE