"Nothing is perfectly symmetrical, but it is all so beautiful. To have found something that I love to do … making people happy with what I make … I count it as a gift.” –Lawrence Baca

Lawrence Baca is a multi-talented, award-winning jewelry designer, born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His design inspiration is defined by the strong Hispanic and Native American cultural influences. The common theme in all his work is a combination of Spanish Colonial Ecclesiastical with roots in the earliest phase of Native American ‘Old Pawn’. Baca’s use of materials range from sterling silver to 24 karat gold. He also uses a wide variety of gems and stones to create one of a kind designs. His work is unique, reflective of the local environment that provides him with daily inspiration, from the natural surroundings to the free flowing adobe architecture. Collectors and visitors alike have been captivated by his style for the last 25 years, and will continue to be.

The youngest recipient ever of the Spanish Colonial Art Society’s highest distinction, its Master’s Award for Lifetime Achievement, Baca often deflects praise by pointing to those that have inspired and guided him. He is quick to mention his wife, Maria, and other family members who have supported him on his artistic journey. The honor is not one he takes lightly but views as motivation to continue learning and stretching his creative process. While taking a piece from a design concept to an actual finished work, Lawrence is ready to adapt and evolve. Staying open to the dynamic nature of what is in his hand, at that moment, he stays flexible and avoids rigidly following a set path.

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