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3rd Phase Chief Revival 65" x 77" - C007798

3rd Phase Chief Revival 65" x 77" - C007798

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3rd Phase Chief Revival Weaving

65" x 77"

The Third Phase Recreation is a great example of the patterns that were used between 1870 and 1900. This was the first weaving blanket design to utilize diagonal lines and diamonds in the pattern. This weaving, made in the 1930’s, could well have been made by a Navajo woman who had actually woven weaving blankets at an earlier age and carried the pattern forward to create a weaving that could be used as a rug.  It is not an easy transition to go from weaving softly spun pieces that are soft around the shoulder to spinning wool that is thicker and heavier and will hold up on the floor. This piece is made with hand spun wool using aniline dye colors. 

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