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Burnham Weaving 31" x 48" - 003050

Burnham Weaving 31" x 48" - 003050

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Burnham weaving by Sandy Begay.
Titled "Marie's Grey Sheep." 
Weaving Measures 31" x 48”.

The title of Sandy's weaving is in reference to her older sister Marie Begay who has sheep on her farm.  Marie's husband and sons tend, and sheer the sheep and the wool is used in many of the Burnham sisters weavings. The wool is finely spun and most are natural colors with an aniline black and a few vegetal over dyed colors. The design is intricate and the neutral colors are rich in these unique styled Navajo weavings.  Burnham weaving by Sandy Begay titled "Marie's Grey Sheep",  weaving measures 31" x 48".

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