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Art Consulting and Design Services

Opening a new business or moving to a new location?

Remodeling or upgrading your current surroundings?

Moving to a new home or looking to enhance your personal space?

Need help formulating and implementing new ideas?

If you are feeling overwhelmed with all the possibilities in the art and design world, we can help!

Collaborate with Sorrel Sky Art & Design to create beautiful and innovative surroundings that visually express your unique character.

With an art collection and aesthetic environment customized to reflect your mission, core values, culture or brand, you can give voice to the distinctive nature of your business and personality.

Sorrel Sky Art & Design Services include:

  • Art Selection and Procurement
  • Access to Thousands of Acclaimed Artists Across a Broad Range of Genres 
  • Custom Framing and Professional Installation 
  • Interior Design, Finish and Color Consultation
  • Commercial, Residential and Custom Furnishings
  • And more…

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Sorrel Sky Art and Design