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Enrich your artistic spirit this winter and spring. Learn a new skill. Refine an existing ability.
Be inspired by the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Durango and Santa Fe.
Sorrel Sky Gallery hosts 1, 2 and 3-day workshops from February through April 2019.
Artists will share their expertise and techniques, building your knowledge and confidence.


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THE NEXT LEVEL OF LANDSCAPE PAINTING with Ray Roberts  |  November 4 - 6 2018  |  SANTA FE
“A painting is more than a depiction of a scene; it’s about the site, choice of interpretation and approach to the painting.” –Ray Roberts

Ray will be sharing his approach to outdoor painting; covering concept, site selection, design, layout, as well as color comparison and execution. His approach is direct, creating an accurate and thought-out light/dark pattern, following up with a lay-in of dark colors and finishing up with the light shapes. Every aspect to a painting is as critical as your ability to render what’s in front of you. Seeing the abstract image in a scene is the first step in visualizing a painting. It’s also important to weigh the interest quality of your concept. Roberts has developed several exercises designed to enforce these concepts and enhance your learning experience. Be prepared to cover lots of canvas during this 3-day workshop!
Intermediate to Advanced  |  SUPPLY LIST  |  $375  |  ** SOLD OUT **  Please call 505-501-6555 to be added to the waiting list.

The Intersection of Manmade and Natural Worlds with Stephanie Hartshorn | February 1 - 3, 2019 | SANTA FE

“I’ve always loved the details of design.” - Stephanie Hartshorn

Capturing the vibrant energy of a cityscape or the quiet of a pastoral farm scene requires believable, relatable perspective. However, architecture in paintings can often feel rigid, sterile and lifeless. So how do you translate this complex and bulky information into a beautiful painting? Though there are many perspective techniques, their overall aim is to simply mimic the way we naturally see. Stephanie will walk you through a number of quick “mental muscle building” exercises on the first day, geared to strengthen drawing accuracy. The remainder of the workshop will focus on integrating structure into your painting through design intention, composition and expressive brushwork. Working from photo reference or plein air study, you will paint with individualized instruction and feedback.

Beginners to intermediate   |  $300  |  REGISTER HERE


Bigger or Smaller? Using Technology to Scale Your Sculpture with Star Liana York | February 23, 2019 | SANTA FE

“My interest is usually sparked by an experience that has caught my attention.” - Star Liana York

Should you go bigger? Should you go smaller? Open up a whole new world of flexibility in scaling your work through the process of 3-dimensional scanning and printing. Star shares her knowledge and years of research into this new emerging technology that has reached a point of accessibility for all artists. Attendees can bring a small, tabletop size, finished sculpture - either in bronze or clay - for possible scanning. Join us on the 22nd for an evening welcoming reception. The workshop will begin on the 23rd, with a morning discussion about the technology and will include demonstrations. Artists can then have a piece scanned immediately for a special workshop introductory fee.

This class is open to professional sculptors   |  $250*  |  REGISTER HERE

*Scanning fee is optional; quoted and paid separately from workshop fee.

Painting Powerful Pastels with Guest Artist Natasha Isenhour | March 2-3, 2019 |  SANTA FE

Looking to utilize your dynamic range of color more effectively?  Interested in how to set up your subject and simplify for more interesting compositions?  Want to raise the bar on your own work and learn to express your emotional connection with your subject?  Then this workshop is for you. Over this two day pastel intensive, you will be painting your own familiar subjects interspersed with open conversations and demonstration with regard to composition, application and materials.  There will be plenty of individual attention to your personal projects and areas where you would like to see growth. Take your paintings to the next level with added confidence and a more dynamic presentation!

Intermediate to advanced students   |  $250   |   REGISTER HERE


It’s Not Easy Painting Green with Peggy Immel  |  March 8 - 10, 2019  |  SANTA FE

“The very best part of teaching a workshop is seeing a fellow artist’s AH HA moment.” - Peggy Immel

Learn how to easily and successfully capture the greens of spring and summer in your landscapes! This 3-day studio workshop will explore an approach to color and painting systems that will help you to understand and achieve the effects of atmosphere and light in your paintings. Topics will include basic color theory, understanding chroma, understanding color value, relative color temperature, atmospheric perspective, the effects of light, pigment characteristics and mixing paints. Field studies, photographs, and sketches will be used to study and develop pieces that explore landscape scenes. Reference materials will be provided but students are encouraged to bring their own as well. Daily demonstrations will be in oil but other media are welcome.

This class is open to artists of all ability levels  | $300  |   REGISTER HERE


No Fear Oil Painting! with Lyn Boyer  |  March 15 - 17, 2019  |  DURANGO

“Painting tunes the senses and the soul.” - Lyn Boyer

Learn 3 keys in 3 days to unlocking expression and start painting without fear! Day 1: Discover the beauty in your brushes by choosing your tools and controlling them masterfully, bringing new energy to your paintings through creative brush handling. Day 2: See color and paint color by unraveling the world of color and light, properties of pigments and pigment choices, while using both a limited and expanded palette. Foolproof color mixing and the nuances of grays will also be covered. Day 3: Master edges as the final touch by understanding the painting surface and paint application necessary for a higher skill level of edge control. Identify the how, when and where of edges, using them artfully to bring that final sense of freedom and nuance to your paintings. 

Intermediate to advanced  |  Special local pricing  $375   |   REGISTER HERE

The Lens and Life of Expressionist Realism with BJ Briner  |  March 23 - 24, 2019  |  DURANGO

"Painting is planting the seeds of our layered lives...the light and the dark" - BJ Briner

It’s time to carve out time for yourself, to influence, enhance and capture the spirit and energy of your creative thoughts. Seeking curious painters looking to explore layering techniques of oil on paper, using different mediums of paper and materials to create collaged landscapes. Be ready to visit and fill your “soul hole” and discover a less self-conscious approach to your artistry.

Beginners to intermediate   |  $350   |    REGISTER HERE


Plein Air 101 - Taking It Outside with Peggy Immel   |   April 5 - 7, 2019   |   DURANGO

“My objective is to help each attendee achieve the personal goals they bring to this workshop." - Peggy Immel

If you’re a studio painter who has always wanted to paint en plein air but are intimidated by the idea of painting outside in the elements, this three-day workshop is the perfect introduction for you. We’ll spend the first day inside exploring systems and painting approaches that will make painting outside comfortable, successful and fun. The second and third day will be spent in the field painting en plein air. Daily demonstrations will be in oils but other media are welcome. Students must have a portable easel for the class. Information about various portable easel systems will be provided with the supply list.

Open to any artist who has some experience with their chosen medium in the studio  | $300 |  REGISTER HERE


Landscape Painting from Photographs with Bob Rohm  |  April 6 & 7, 2019  |  SANTA FE

“What’s important to me, as a teacher, is to share what I’ve learned with my students.”  - Bob Rohm

Bob's fresh, informative workshops are an intensive period of work, study, and FUN. Day one begins with a short lecture and an oil demonstration emphasizing the simplicity of how a painting works and the procedures to create one from studies and photographs. Special attention will be placed on learning to see shape masses as opposed to line and form rather than detail. Individual attention will be given to each student at their easel, guiding them at their own level and in their own style. Students may work in oils, acrylics or pastels. A selection of photographs will be provided but attendees may also bring their own photos or painting studies to work from in class. This class is for anyone interested in learning to develop creative, painterly paintings with clean, rich color, and balanced, dynamic compositions.  



A Fearless Start to Watercolors with Tamara Rymer  |  April 13, 2019  |  SANTA FE

“I dream art, and make efforts to use a brush to convey that.” - Tamara Rymer

Learn essential skills in controlling the seemingly unpredictable and flowing nature of watercolors. Overcome that initial intimidation and paint with confidence. With the goal of encouraging others to dream art also, Rymer hopes to possibly eliminate some of the fears of using watercolors to do it.

This class is for beginners   |  $275  |   REGISTER HERE


Ignite Your Creativity! with Guest Artist Deborah Sussex  |  April 26 - 28, 2019  |  DURANGO

“Creativity is not a problem to be solved but a practice to enjoy.” - Deborah Sussex

Unglue your mind and stick to your art! Have your creative efforts been derailed? Reigniting your creative passion can be challenging. Deborah, a professional artist/photographer and founder of Creative Nature™Coaching, assists creative people to face those challenges, getting you back to what you really want to do, create! Activities will be conducted both indoors and outdoors in beautiful Durango, Colorado. Each participant will be given a special multimedia sketchbook with an assortment of drawing utensils as a portfolio for their thoughts, drawings, sketches, and collages. Open to all levels of ability, from amateur to professional, all who value their creative life and have artistic dreams that they are eager to pursue.



Printmaking with Maura Allen  |  April 27 & 28, 2019   |   SANTA FE

“How the real and imagined collide and coincide is the center of my work.” - Maura Allen

Explore the many facets of printmaking and screen printing. See how everyday elements - both current and historic - can serve as the building blocks for a high impact visual experience.  Starting with an initial concept, we’ll dive into the use of color, pattern, and images to create a unique visual narrative. This class is open to artists of all ability levels. 



Wildlife Painting and Drawing with Edward Aldrich |  May 10 - 12  |  DURANGO 

“My intent is to make this workshop as beneficial as possible.” - Ned Aldrich

The objective of this 3-day workshop is to advance your knowledge of, and confidence in, painting and drawing animals, making it as beneficial as possible to each student. The relevance of both technical ability and conceptual awareness will be covered with a heavy emphasis on in-class demos, discussions on materials, techniques and painting fundamentals. With the goal of addressing as many concerns as possible, come with your questions ready! Each day will include a demonstration, analysis of method and process, and critique of students’ work.

This class is for intermediate |   $375 |  REGISTER HERE








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If Sorrel Sky cancels a workshop, you will receive a full refund.  We are, however, not responsible for additional costs – i.e. transportation or accommodation


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