Another Summer by Tamara Rymer
Bison by Tamara Rymer
Boss by Tamara Rymer
Caballeros Ride by Tamara Rymer
East, West and Midwest by Tamara Rymer
Horizon by Tamara Rymer
Monument Storms by Tamara Rymer
Oscar by Tamara Rymer
Setting Sun by Tamara Rymer
She Waited by Tamara Rymer
Shorty's Cousin by Tamara Rymer
Songs Were Sung by Tamara Rymer
Tamara Rymer

“I try to convey as best I can what I see as pieces of history … a horse and rider, a bucking bronc … I am trying to capture that moment and hold on to it. When I am painting, I am absorbed in it. It’s a piece of time, a snapshot of history. As I paint I am able to hold on to that moment longer.” –Tamara Rymer

Tamara Rymer has only to turn to her own family’s history to find a deep well of inspiration. Her mind and her art have been fueled by stories of cowboys and traders, travelers and outlaws, horses and Native Americans who crisscrossed the ranch owned by her great-grandparents. As a young girl, her father supplied her with paper, pencils and paint, starting her on a self-taught journey toward becoming an artist committed to capturing Americana. With a lifetime of personal experience spent in the company of horses, she is able to translate the fine art of horsemanship into the fine art of painting. Tamara sees the unspoken bond between rider and horse, without the exchange of a word, as a unique privilege. The respect given and received in that relationship is evident in the focus these subjects are given in her works, often set against a solid wash of color. All attention is given to that moment, that horse, that rider, that bond. Tamara's membership affiliations include, the New Mexico Watercolor Society, where she is a Signature member, the American Plains Artists, also a Signature member, the Oil Painters of America, and the American Quarter Horse Association.