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Sorrel Sky Gallery features contemporary art and traditional Western art, and jewelry.  Sorrel Sky Jewelry includes Ben Nighthorse, Cody Sanderson, Artie Yellowhorse, Don Lucas, and Ray Tracey. Artists include Star York, Peggy Immel, Edward Aldrich, Lisa Danielle, Peter Woytuk, Michael Tatom, S C Mummert, Greg Overton, Doyle Hostetler, David Yarrow, Maura Allen, Kevin Red Star, Star Liana York, Rory Wagner, George Lundeen, Elsa Sroka and more.

It's always an honor to be recognized by one of these reputable publications: Cowboys & Indians Magazine, Southwest Art, Western Art Collector, Santa Fean, Western Art & Architecture, Art of the West, Plein Air Magazine and more....

Western Art & Architecture ~ Illuminations Featuring Greg Overton
Art of the West ~ "An Open Road"
True West October 2021 Issue ~
Full-page spread Thom Ross!
Show Preview
Western Art Collector ~ September 2021
Edward Aldrich + Wolf Rescue Benefit
Fashion Editorial in Cowboys & Indians Magazine.
Cowboys & Indians ~ Art Gallery Section Feature / Overview & Interview with Tim Cherry
Southwest Art ~ "American Dreamer"
"Silver Linings"
Art of the West Sept/Oct 2021
Feature Story on Marlin Rotach
Interview with Edward "Ned" Aldrich
Western Art Collector ~ "True Stories"
Western Art & Architecture ~ "Among The Cotton Wood Trees". An inside look at Star's home and studio.
Horse Illustrated ~ "Sculptures with Influence: Star Liana York
The Making of a Painting ~ by S.C. Mummert
Southwest Art ~ "Show Preview". Preview Tony Stromberg's "Unbridled" show at Sorrel Sky Gallery's Durango location.
Cowboys & Indians
Show Preview
Private Collector Feature
Southwest Art Magazine ~ "Decoding Tradition"
Southwest Art ~ ARTIST TO WATCH
Santa Fean Magazine
Western Art Collector ~ "State of the Art: COLORADO"
by Amber Gibson - Lifestyle Contributor to Forbes Magazine
PleinAir Today ~ Southwest Journeys
Western Art & Architecture ~ "Illuminations" Featuring Elsa Sroka.
Southwest Art ~ Show Preview
Outdoor Painter ~ "Painting Outdoors? Plan for Spontaneity!"
"The Patina of Age"
Santa Fe Gallery Feature
The Wild Within ~ Southwest Art Magazine
Western Art & Architecture
Western Art & Architecture ~ "The Next West". Bountiful by Maura Allen
Southwest Art ~ Show Preview "Illuminations" Featuring Elsa Sroka in Sorrel Sky Gallery's Santa Fe Location.
Southwest Art Magazine ~ "Today's West"
Spotlight on Durango Gallery Location.
Southwest Art Magazine ~ "The Bronze Menagerie". Fox Family Bronze by Michael Tatom
The Durango Herald ~ "Wolfwood Refuge Grateful to Sorrel Sky Gallery". Ever Onward by Edward Aldrich
Fine Art Connoisseur
Southwest Art Magazine ~ "Show Preview
Amor Earrings - Fashion & Gift Ideas
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Western Art & Architecture ~ "Things We Love". Bubble Wrap Moon Cuff by Cody Sanderson
Southwest Art Magazine ~ "Show Preview
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