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14ct Rose Gold / Black Diamond Skull - Tusk Earrings (pair)

14ct Rose Gold / Black Diamond Skull - Tusk Earrings (pair)

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14ct Gold Skull Earrings with Black Diamond & Tusk

This custom single drop earring features a shiny dimensional skull on the top, giving it an ethereal gothic look, beautifully handcrafted with attention to detail. This striking 3D skull suspends a single round brilliant cut fancy black diamond bezel set, dripping with rich color. A glossy tusk finishes this captivating design.

Skull Symbolism
Honor your spirituality with the skull, a representation of immortality and never-ending love and zest for an adventurous life. Celebrate the divinity within and express yourself with an intriguing piece of customized jewelry designed to reawaken the senses and realign your true style with everyday life, goals, hopes, and wishes.

Skulls also symbolize wisdom gained through hardships, learning lessons, and gaining confidence to follow through on your next exciting adventure.

Keep evil and negative energy away with the skull, a statement-worthy talisman across different cultures.

Tusk Symbolism
Tusks symbolize mental strength and agility, making it the perfect combination for the skull, reiterating its poignant meaning. Cherish what makes you strong on the inside, your special talents, and gifts to the world with the tusk, a talisman meant to bring the earthly wisdom of nature to your fine jewelry collection.

Black Diamond
A single round brilliant cut fancy black diamond solitaire sits in a contemporary bezel, giving this unique earring an elevated look of modern glamor and understated luxury with its inky dark shade.

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