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Perhaps rising after a night spent camping under the stars or taking a break between ranch chores, this woman pauses to enjoy a hot cup of coffee with her canine companion. There is an especially strong bond that is developed when an animal becomes a working partner that goes beyond the pet/owner relationship; the affection and respect is deepened. This cowgirl is almost unconscious in her easy affection for her dog, but her thoughts go beyond that immediate relationship. her gaze encompasses the entire vista of her world, and it fills her with clarity and deep satisfaction for the place she is now in, both physically and mentally, the place her life choices have led her. It has been said that to be a cowgirl is a state of mind, grounded yet free... connected but not tied, the sense of being an internal part of the natural world. She is at peace with herself and truly content. Edition of 35. 17 x 14 x 12

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