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Elk Dreamer

Elk Dreamer

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From the earliest hunter-gatherers to the complex tribal clans that still exist in parts of the world today, one can observe evidence of people deeply involved in the maintenance of a beneficient relationship with Animal Spirits.  Essential to this is the intervention of the shaman, or medicine man, who acts as the intermediary between the physical world and the mysterious universe of the supernatural.  This shaman from the Sioux tribe derives his powerful medicine from Elk, which is the most sexually potent symbol in Sioux imagery; but he is supported by different animal helpers which are represented by coyote and ferret skins, hawk feathers, and many claws and herbs wrapped around his medicine hoop.  A mask of softened elk hide silences his worldly self (shamans literally cannot speak when masked) so that the animal's essence emerges during the rituals. This costume - of an Elk Dreamer - was particularly fascinating to Star York because it strongly resembles the paintings of shamans found in the ancient rock paintings in Europe - confirming further the universality of the desire and attempt to achieve a spiritual connection with Animal Spirits. 33.5" x 14.75” x 12”, Bronze, Edition of 35

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