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Healing Circle

Healing Circle

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Dimensions: H 17.5in x W 15in x D 15in Weight 60lbs An ethereal tapestry in sand, the dry sand painting calls forth the divine gifts of healing. A sick child seated in the magic circle absorbs the power from the intricate designs representing the holy people. A medicine man will work for hours with helpers to create the design, trickling crushed sandstone pollen or charcoal taken from a tree struck by lightning and by the time the sun goes down the sand painting must be obliterated lest evil spirits of the night make mischief with the symbols. A patient's family will host a "sing" and hundreds of Navajo will gather to share the blessings. The principle is that the mind and body are one and that the patient, not the illness, is treated. The ritual brings the patient back into harmony with himself and the world.

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