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Montana, USA - 2020

Available Sizes (Framed Size)
Large: 71” x 86”. Edition of 12
Standard: 52” x 62”. Edition of 12

In 1863, Bill Fairweather and his party discovered gold in southwestern Montana. They were on their way to Yellowstone County from Bannack but were waylaid by a band of Crows. Whilst hiding from the Indians in a gulch they found gold. They named the gulch after the alder trees lining the gulch. Alder was one of the great gold producers of all time. The site of the largest placer gold strike in world history. It produced $10,000,000.00 during the first year.

Given this background, I thought it would be appropriate to bring a modern-day Indian Chief into the abandoned mining train in Nevada City.

Alessandra Ambrosio is not just a famed supermodel, she is a wave of fun and good energy. Working with her and her team is an absolute joy. It must have seemed a long way from her home country of Brazil in that carriage, but she is so effective in whatever role I outline for her.

We found a Montana paper from the height of the gold rush and thought it would lend to the story if Chief Spotted Tail was reading it. This was a commuter train like no other.

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