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Burial at Sea

Burial at Sea

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60" x 48" Unframed and 62" x 50" Framed

The triumphant Wild West company returned to New York in the spring of 1888 on the chartered ship Persian Monarch, the voyage saddened by the death of Old Charlie. Colonel Cody's first impulse was to take the carcass of the horse home and bury him at North Platte, but he finally decided to give his old pard a handsome burial at sea. Wrapped in canvas and covered with the American flag, Old Charlie was brought on deck while Colonel Cody delivered his final farewell:
"Old fellow, your journeys are over....Obedient to my call, gladly you bore your burden on, little knowing, little reckoning what the day might bring, shared sorrows and pleasures alike. Willing speed, tireless have never failed me. Ah, Charlie, old fellow, I have had many friends, but few of whom I could say that....I loved you as you loved me. Men Tell me you have no soul: but if there is a heaven and scouts can enter there, I'll wait at the gate for you, old friend."

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