Nighthorse Legacy

Sorrel Sky, founded by Shanan Campbell, is built on the legacy of one family’s shared passion for art.
The art roots run deep in the Nighthorse Campbell family. Shanan is the daughter of former U.S. Senator and acclaimed Northern Cheyenne jewelry artist Ben Nighthorse. She spent her life immersed in the art world of her father, playing in his studio and attending shows across the country. Her mother, Linda, Ben’s wife of over 50 years continues to photograph and catalogue each of his exquisite pieces, allowing Ben to concentrate on his creative process.
At 12 years old, Ben learned the art of silversmithing and jewelry making from his father, who gave him his first tools and instruction, setting him on a lifelong path of innovative and award-winning jewelry design, spanning over seven decades. His travels to Japan, to train for the U.S. Olympic Judo team, helped him gain even more skills. It was there he learned to laminate metals from a Samurai sword maker.
Ben also passed along his passion to Shanan’s oldest son, Luke Longfellow, who learned the art of silversmithing from his grandfather, even selling his jewelry at Sorrel Sky during his pre-teen years. From the beginning, at days old, Luke was with his mom in the gallery she managed. A love of art is in his DNA. Luke, now an adult, oversees the Sorrel Sky Gallery in Santa Fe.
Shanan’s sister-in-law, Karen Campbell, joined the gallery’s growing team. Bringing her years of experience in project management, media buying and marketing to Sorrel Sky. Karen oversees website management, gallery sales and training, business development opportunities and social media. She is also a certified art advisor with Sorrel Sky Art & Design.
This close circle of family allows Shanan to do what she does best: Initiate and establish lasting connections between artists and collectors. Her lifelong immersion in the art world allows her to remain focused on the fact that artists need to be understood, honored and sometimes explained and that a collector needs to be heard, respected and encouraged. Relationships forged here blossom and endure across generations.
That is the legacy of Sorrel Sky.