Art changes everything. Art is the soul of your company. Art is a gift to your customers, your employees and your community.
Whether a small business, mid-sized hospital or Fortune 500 corporation, art makes a statement about who you are. It can strengthen your brand and create a visceral response in a way that spreadsheets, balance sheets and annual reports cannot. Shanan Campbell Art Consulting develops corporate art collections and environments that reflect the mission, personality, culture and core values of a business. It’s soul.
Having managed millions of square feet of art placement across the country, and drawing from an ever-expanding library of thousands of immensely talented artists and artisans, Shanan Campbell Art Consulting is conscientious, explicit and judicious in their process.
Certified and Accredited in Evidence Based Design from the Center for Health Design, our regionally and nationally recognized firm offers an expanding list of services, including, but not limited to: art consultation, interior design, creative branding solutions, and more.